Sunday 20 January 2013

2013 - an exciting year ahead

As everyone heads back to work after what has hopefully been a rewarding and restful break, work in the ABSA Office is ramping up once again. It is exciting to note that we have 20 Duty of Care workshops planned across the country for Term One, meaning many more people will get the chance to undertake this excellent training for their very important work.

Both Tom and I have spent some time putting together a plan for the year, including many new and exciting activities and events - more information will be forthcoming soon. Part of our plans include a road trip through country New South Wales visiting many of the regional boarding schools in that State, these visits being one of our key strategies for the year. We also have plans to visit many schools in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane already. If you are keen to have us visit your school please get in touch with our office.

Our Leaders in Residential Communities Symposium in Perth in August promises to be an event not to be missed - the program and registration details will be published in February. Watch for this and register early to ensure your place is secured for what will become a regular and worthwhile event on our annual program.

State conferences in New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania are already being planned, with the other States to follow shortly. These low cost, local events give all our staff the chance to network and learn from the experts.

A new Directory of Boarding Schools will be published in the first half of the year, supplementing the developing 'Find A School' Section of our website. We post out over 50 directories to the public each month - a critical part of marketing our boarding schools!

Please contact our office if there is any help we can give you - and we look forward to catching up some time during the year.

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