Monday 17 June 2013

Signing in ..... The value of networking

One of the key areas of development for our Association has been ensuring all Boarding School staff have opportunities to learn from others in the industry, and our staff constantly discuss ways we can make this happen.

So, how do you connect with others working in such an important role? Do you join in with the exciting offerings of your State Division, ensuring you find the time to not only learn from the Professional Development offered but to also share stories of your work with the others attending? Do you find the time to visit other Boarding Schools to see what they are doing? Do you have at least one other person working in another school that you can call when you need a chat? Are you attending our Symposium to learn from others in important Boarding Roles and to hear experts in their field talk about the positive side of risk taking?

The greatest strength of our Association is the many and varied opportunities we provide for you to network with others, but this only works if you take up the chances offered. Make sure you read our weekly ENews to know what is coming up in your area, make sure you contact our office if you have an idea we can help make happen, and most importantly make sure you talk to others at each and every event you attend - we are all about relationships and people are only too happy to share their experience.

Until next time .... Signing Out