Thursday 28 March 2013

As Easter Approaches

February and March have been busy months of workshops for ABSA, with staff in Ballarat, Hamilton, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart all taking part in one or more of our Duty of Care workshops. We do encourage everyone who has attended to get to work and complete their workbook - no point in putting it off!
Our Leaders in Residential Communities Symposium in Perth on 18 and 19 August has come together nicely, and registrations are now open. We encourage everyone who is a Leader in a Boarding House to consider coming along and learning from our speakers and workshop presenters, and to enjoy a wonderful networking event.
Work has also been done on our web page and social media presence lately - a key part of our offerings. We are keen to get more people to follow us on Facebook (like the page Australian Boarding Schools Association), and on Twitter and Instagram (@austboarding) - lots of interesting information is posted to these site regularly.
There has been some wonderful publicity for Boarding Schools during recent weeks - on ABC Radio, in Flight Magazines, in the Weekend Australian Magazine and shortly in the Sydney Morning Herald. If you have a 'good news story' please share it with us and we will work to get the good word out to the community.
Two exciting developments are underway - we will hold our first Boarding School Expo in Tasmania later in the year - more information on this will be forthcoming in coming months. Also we are well underway with the Boarding Standards work with Standards Australia - the committee for reviewing this is forming and will meet in early May - we will keep you informed.
Enjoy the Easter break, and the holidays which follow!
Duty of Care Beginner Workshop - St Mary's Anglican Girls School, Perth