Monday 9 September 2013

Signing In . . . the importance of relationships

Over the weekend I was pondering what I missed about my time running boarding houses - and you'll never guess what it was - the kids!

My two sons have moved out of home (one is overseas, whilst the other is away in the country for work at present) and my wife and I were enjoying the peace and quiet, the doorbell and phone not ringing, the chance to watch a TV show through without interruption and all the normal things people can do at home - and yes, I missed the fun of the boarding house.

So what was it I really enjoyed during my 30 odd years? It was the chance to connect with so many wonderful young men and women.

Recently we were very privileged to attend the overseas wedding of one of my boarders - 26 years after he graduated - and we not only felt like one of the family but were treated as such! It was the wonderful relationships we developed with the boys and girls in our care that gave us the energy and enthusiasm for the role, but also that allowed us to give them all such strong and positive guidance.

It is a key part of being successful in our work in a Boarding School - to ensure we develop positive relationships with each of the children in our care. These positive relationships allow us to guide, discipline, support, share, teach, care for, nurture and enjoy time with these young people, and help us to produce the wonderful young women and men that our boarding houses turn out.

So next time you are tired and weary in your work, remember the positives - the wonderful relationships you have with your boarders and the huge impact you are having because of them.

Until next time.....Signing Out