Sunday 17 February 2013

Term 1 is well underway

As Boarding Schools around Australia have started the year, we have had the privilege of training over 200 people attending our Beginner and Advanced Workshops in the Duty of Care course in Western Australia and Victoria. Many of these staff were new to boarding, and looked forward to the year ahead, and Tom has been able to produce two YouTube Videos on our link looking at their aspirations for the year ahead - check them out using the link on our Home Page. More workshops are planned for Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart in the coming weeks.
Friday was a sad day for both Tom and me when we said farewell to one of our partners from Edart Global Sourcing, Dean Bonke. Dean passed away suddenly last Tuesday, leaving behind a young family. He will remain in our thoughts for many years to come.
I have finally had the chance to upload all the Duty of Care pages I have been promising those attending our workshops - log in to the members' section and clock on the Duty of Care Documents link to download these useful pages. If you can't remember the logo, email Tom at and he will email you back the details.
Tom is busy preparing a Boarders Section of our website - watch for this as it develops over the coming months. This will give all of our boarders access to useful information and will hopefully let them link together to share their boarding lives.
Update forms are on their way to all Heads of Boarding - please prioritise the completing and returning of these so that our database is up-to-date and we can start work on our 2013 Boarding Directory.
Information regarding the Leaders in Residential Communities Conference on 18 and 19 August in Perth will be mailed out and published on line shortly - get in early to secure this place at what promises to be a really new and exciting event on the ABSA Calendar.